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Shannon Boat Company: Recognized innovators in the marine industry for over 40 years

Shannon Boat Company was founded in 1975 in Rhode Island by Walt Schulz, with the intent to design and build semi-custom sail and power yachts to the highest quality standards. Over the years, Shannon has built over $170 million semi-custom yachts for a world-wide clientele. The company has had a major presence in the marine industry and has earned an International reputation for yachts of quality construction and integrity.  No other boat building company in the industry can match Shannon’s record for a stable, continuous management team and a consistent uncompromised standard of quality.  Shannon has more ocean miles by average husband and wife sailing teams than any other boat building company in the industry and has logged over one million ocean miles, including an impressive list of circumnavigations and transoceanic passages. Every major harbor in the world has been visited by a Shannon. Shannon Boat Company, with Walt Schulz as hands-on President/designer/engineer, created a unique in-house mold making, tooling and engineering operation to insure that Shannon remained on the forefront of market changes and innovation. Shannon has been on the leading edge of nearly all major boating advances including design, new construction materials, electronics, equipment, bow thrusters, sail handling and power boat fuel economy, implementing these features much in advance of competitors.


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Walter Schulz, Naval Architect, Marine Engineer, Founder and President of Shannon Boat Company, Inc.

Walt Schulz oversees design, engineering, mold and tooling construction and production at Shannon and participates in the company’s sales, IT, marketing, accounting, and administration. Schulz is acknowledged in the marine industry for producing yachts of consistently high quality over four decades, and is recognized as a design and engineering leader and innovator.  He has successfully identified and exploited several niches in both sail and power boat recreational marine markets and personally built specialized molds and tooling to capture sales opportunities. Schulz has taken his designs from computer to sea trials, constructing over 500 watercraft worth more than $170 million. Throughout Shannon's 44 year history, Schulz has been renowned for challenging convention and finding innovative design solutions.  Never satisfied with the "status quo", Schulz has introduced innovative solutions that have been industry game changers, ranging from being the first company to make sandwich, composite core, fiberglass construction standard on all Shannons, also bow thrusters, rod rigging, boom furling, a fuel efficient power boat hull design, just to name a few. He has received five marine-related U.S. Patents for his design work: a sailboat that sails in less than 3' of water; the first new improved powerboat hull design to be patented since the 1930s;  a sailboat with hydrofoil members; adjustable roller furling spar; and currently the Amphfoil, the first and only three speed stage patented watercraft. Schulz has written numerous articles that have been published in various yachting magazines over the years, and he has spoken before many trade, professional, and community agencies.


According to Ferenc Mate´ in The World’s Best Sailboats, Vol. II, “Walter Schulz is the last of a wonderful breed- the complete boat builder. He designs boats … and then builds (them)-always interesting and invariably one of the world’s best yachts.”

"..Walter Schulz has been working every side of the yacht-design paradox, drawing what's best from the nearly forgotten past and the up-to-the minute present, then adding the occasional flash of original inspiration."


" A contrarian? Yes. A visionary? you bet."

"Walter is a fleeting commodity today.   He is a builder, designer, inventor, resident tinkerer, and the creative force behind the brand.  He's interesting, darn opinionated, some may say slightly egotistical, and just the type of individual I would want to build my boat."

" man's continuous search for ingenuity and the inability to accept conventional wisdom"



CAD ASSISTANCE  Joseph P. Bolduc

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ANIMATIONS   Aroha Media Pvt., and  Noah Acosta

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