Three Speed Stage Amphibious Boat


A new breed of watercraft that addresses the

art of "people  moving" through unlimited possibilities.



Private or public transportation


Maximizing speed, comfort, efficiency and "thrills" on the water comes down to leaving it. The Amphfoil has a smooth passenger ride regardless of sea state and waves while offering speeds of

up to 100mph.

The Amphfoil is ideally suited for personal water transportation, limousine and livery service. Since the Amphfoil meets the requirements as a marine vessel, no costly inspections, maintenance or special licensing is required. The Amphfoil 40 model can operate in the USA as a “six paying passenger boat” with two crew members, avoiding expensive, difficult to obtain insurance and specialized crew qualifications.

The Amphfoil also provides faster, high-end, low-cost commuter service along marine highways with more scheduled runs daily to remote ports. The Amphfoil's size and shallow draft means that it is possible to create a network of ports that provide tremendous flexibility for low volume departure points.

Whether commuting to work or traveling to exotic locations, passengers get where they're going fast, comfortable and safe.











The High Speed Water Craft


Multi-Purpose Model

Using the same structural platform as the Amphfoil 40 passenger model, the multi-purpose model provides the same fast, safe, comfortable ride and features as the passenger model. All Amphfoils offer simple docking maneuverability at lower speeds, safe, flexible intermediate speeds and unheard of 100 mph top speeds.

The multi-purpose Amphfoil is ideally suited for high speed search-and-rescue work with range beyond helicopters and speeds beyond any conventional water rescue vessels currently in use. An Amphfoil can travel out to a sea emergency at 100 mph and lower a hydraulic platform right into the water to safely retrieve people quickly without putting any service personnel into the water. Because the Amphfoil is amphibious, (engineered for both land and water) it is perfect for urban flood rescue too. The Amphfoil is capable of traveling in deep water, rescuing stranded people, then driving them on retractable wheels to safety on land.

The outside second helm station creates a necessary visual and verbal command center. The positive buoyancy foam-filled hulls provide tremendous floating weight carrying capacity.  Drug interdiction, littoral combat, coastal patrol vessels protecting maritime borders are just a few of the many government applications of the multi-purpose Amphfoil model.  Commercial applications are numerous, too, and the Amphfoil's capability of safe, fast transport to offshore wind farms and offshore oil rigs is significant.





Military Defense


Equipped with hand-held drones, multi-beam sonar and an array of CBRN sensors, the Amphfoil Military provides a fast, flexible and very cost effective platform for identifying, surveilling and reconnoitering threats in the air, on the land, and under the sea over wide operational areas.

Amphfoils provide the fastest, stealthiest and most fuel efficient sea-borne mobility solution for moving service men and women at 100 mph over wave tops on a smooth cushion of air anywhere in the world. The Amphfoil 40 Military offers 360-degree helm visibility, diesel power, opening nose doors, stable gun platform and space for six combat-ready personnel plus two crew members. The Amphfoil addresses the documented fact that a Navy Seal loses one inch of height over a tour of duty due to spinal compression caused by excessive boat motion which also causes pre-mission fatigue.

The Amphfoil Military operates effectively at slower speeds including running right up on the shore by driving out of the water on retractable wheels. By using the tilting/lifting air propeller propulsion, it can travel over sand, concrete, swamp and ice. High approach speeds, long range capability, quiet operation, low radar and infrared heat signature make the Amphfoil Military model a totally new and unique craft.








30'/9mAmphfoil Sport 2+2: trending toward more speed,

designed for big thrills


The latest dynamic design from Shannon is the 30’/9m Amphfoil Sport 2+2.  Engineered on a smaller (30’/9m) platform the Sport 2+2 is loaded with the same innovative features as the Amphfoil 40/12m and delivers  thrilling performance,  accommodates 2-4 passengers, has a convertible roof and boasts exclusivity, status and pure open air, sports car type exhilaration.



CAD ASSISTANCE  Joseph P. Bolduc

MODEL RENDERS Noah Acosta, Justin  DeSilva and Alex Strongwater

ANIMATIONS   Aroha Media Pvt., and  Noah Acosta

VIDEOS Inshop Videos

LEGAL  McInnes & McLane LLP


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